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At Dusty Rose Doodles, we practice a holistic approach when raising  our Golden and Labradoodles puppies. Our commitment to this approach includes:

We Do Not Practice Early Spaying or Neutering

We Avoid the Use of All Unnecessary Vaccinations

We Do Not Practice Inbreeding

We Do Not Use Pesticides to Control Fleas & Ticks

We Do Not Subject Our Dames to Unnecessary X-Rays & Ultrasounds


                                                 Only Use Natural Whole Foods and wet meat without fillers to Nourish Our Dogs

Up to three weeks of age, we at DRD do very little with the mother and puppies. We believe this time is essential for the well-being and nurturing of the puppies. This is their bonding time. The mother does nerve stimulation all the time with  her babies by licking, nudging, cuddling. She shows her love and attention to them hourly from birth until 3 weeks of age, as she teaches her babies how to be content  and happy puppies. At three weeks the puppies will have their ID collar assigned.  They are conditioned to their environment, introduced to the Misty Method and outdoor potty training and begin leash and preliminary obedience commands. They are socialized to all indoor and out door conditions. At eight weeks you recieve your perfect puppy.

From our home to yours, we give you not only a companion but a family member.
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