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Meet Beau


Beau is a  purebred standard poodle. His color is called "phantom".  Beau is very intelligent, hypoallergenic, non-shedding. Beau is very easy-going, obedient, laid back, and is a member of the CKC Continental Kennel Club. Beau’s Dad is 55 pounds and between 22 and 23 inches tall and is AKC and CKC, with champion lines. His Mom is 45 pounds and 22 inches tall and AKC reg. Her color is a silver beige. Both were house pets and have wonderful personalities they love everyone they meet.


Meet Ember

Ember comes to us for his services from Rock Lake Kennels, a good friend of ours. Ember is a red standard Poodle 55lbs and about 27 high at the shoulders. He loves playing with the family’s small children and pulling a sled. Ember has a wonderful disposition and all the great qualities and traits of a poodle.

Ember is a registered red standard poodle from Rock Lake Kennels. He is a good-natured stud. He's tender with young and old, enjoys lounging around, and loves receiving affection. He’s an excellent family pet and passes that trait on to his puppies.

Ember has been health tested and has had his Pennhip testing done. This is the first time in using Ember as a stud with Oakley, but we are confident they will produce beautiful babies.  You will not be disappointed in any way, with the puppy that you receive.


Ember has completed a large panel of DNA tests and all the results came back normal. He had his PENNHIP completed and results came back above average.

About Standard Poodles


Poodles started out as hunting dogs, especially good at water retrieving. With their quick intelligence and desire to please, they branched out into performing dogs with traveling troupes and circuses. Aristocracy, particularly in France, discovered the breed and delighted in both the personality and the incredible hair coat, which could be shaped in myriad ways.

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