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Brady (Biff) Micro Multi- Goldendoodle

Coat Genetics: Pending

Color Genetics: Pending

Stats: 5.2lbs 6' tall

Health: Pending

Stud Fee

Brady is a Teacup/Micro  Multi-generational Goldendoodle and at 8 weeks weight was 3lbs. He comes to us from the USA and lives with his Guardian family in Duchess Alberta. He is such  a sweet little man, with all the looks and charisma.    From the time he was three weeks old his owner referred to him as their "little service dog". He absolutely loves to be held on your lap  and cuddled.  Brady is so extremely  intelligent, sleeps all night in his kennel from 8 weeks on and  holds going potty until the morning. Brady is the ideal stud with all the superior qualities and style of that perfect Multi- generational Teacup Golden doodle, that  everyone is looking for.  Brady at 16 weeks weighs 5.2 Lbs. He has taking on the looks of his beautiful dad Mac who is a Toy  Multi-generational registered male.  Mac has the most amazing wavy coat and one copy of Parti. Mac is 9 lbs and clear of all genetic disease. Molly  Brady's mom Molly  is a Gorgeous 14 lb red Multi-generational Golden doodle which has been health tested and clears.

Dusty Rose Doodles Beau, 221.jpg

Beau, Standard Poodle

Coat Genetics: 

Color Genetics: 

Stats: 70bs & 27" tall


Stud Fee

Beau is a  purebred standard poodle. His color is called "phantom".  Beau is very intelligent, hypoallergenic, non-shedding. Beau is very easy-going, obedient, laid back, and is a member of the CKC Continental Kennel Club. Beau’s Dad was 55 pounds and between 22 and 23 inches tall and is AKC and CKC, with champion lines. His Mom was 45 pounds and 22 inches tall and AKC reg. Her color is a silver beige. Both were house pets and have wonderful personalities they love everyone they meet.



(Splash is owned by and lives at Pawsitively Perfect Pup Co.)

Coat Genetics: Fully Furnished, +/- curl coat, nn shedding

Color Genetics: ee, KBky, ata, BB, DD, SS but carries for hidden white and throws tuxedo and heavy white abstract in 80% of offspring and can throw parti with an sp carrier female

Stats: 13lbs & 14" tall

Health: OFA Eyes, Heart, Patella, Animal Genetics Health Panel clear except for CDDY.

Stud Fee

Mister Friendly

Splash is the everyone's best friend, he is the happiest dog you will ever meet. Very social, cuddly and this boy loves water! He is also very athletic.  He is born and raised by us, a son of Lettie & Loki we know knew this guy would be a staple in our breeding program the minute he was born! He comes from generation and generation of our Ridge lines which are simply incredible. He is CKC registered.


(Hooey is owned by and lives at Pawsitively Perfect Pup Co.)

Coat Genetics: Fully Furnished, -/+ curl coat, nn shedding

Color Genetics: Pending

Stats: 6lbs & 10" tall

Health: Pending

Stud Fee

Mister Sweets

Hooey should be ready to begin studding out around Summer of 2023. This boy is our pride and joy he is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet, I dare you to find a more charming dog! He is social, cuddly, silly and really just perfect, we kind of love him around here.  He is born and raised by us, a son of Tatum and Loki and comes from generations of our lines his momma goes back to our foundations lines. He is tiny, tiny and comes from our hidden white marking lines and should throw dark red tuxedo and heavy white abstract markings. He is CKC Registered.

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