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Forever Family Guardian Home Opportunities

A Forever Family takes possession of their puppy at 8 weeks of age with their puppy being a permanent member of their family. The puppy comes at no buyers cost, or in some cases a low owners fee or insurance  needed  to own one of our breeding quality  DRD Multigenerational doodle .


In return, the family allows their dog to become a part of the Dusty Rose Doodles breeding program. At the end of the
contract the registration of that puppy will be turned over to you.

Why do we offer this?


We are committed to have every breeding dog live as a pet in a home rather than in kennels (we have no kennels). This allows us to expand our breeding program and still have just three pets living in our own home.

How it Works

A puppy owner fee and insurance may be required to become a guardian home.

The puppy lives with you and becomes a member of your family, while we retain breeding rights. Once the dog is finished with her/ his breeding career , they will be neutered and all rights will be transferred to you.

As a Guardian Family , you will be responsible for normal pet care such as feeding, grooming, flea/tick prevention, de-worming and normal vet visits (everything to the wellbeing of that puppy/dog). We at DRD will be responsible for any breeding related expenses and testing associated to the breeding.


Our guardian families are welcome to visit during this time and watch the puppies grow.

Guardian families must live within 2 or less hrs of Rosemary AB and provide a letter of reference.

Please for more information. If you are seriously interested we will forward you a copy of the Guardian Home Contract.



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