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We are thrilled that you have chosen to add a Dusty Rose Doodle to your family. Please see below to learn more about our application process.


Owning a puppy is a life long commitment. At Dusty Rose Doodles, we require all potential pet guardians to complete an application form. All applications are reviewed and if selected, you will be notified. 

Goldendoodle Application

Labradoodle Application



Upon the approval of your application, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your Dusty Rose Doodle. The date of deposit will determine your position for the selection of the sex and color of your puppy. At this time you will receive your priority rating. 


As an example: There is five female, and 4 males born. The first family that made a deposit payment selected a male on their application. This family will be the first to select the male puppy of their choice. The second family to make a deposit payment selected a female their application, they will have the first selection from the female puppies. We do try to take fewer deposits than expected puppies. If more deposits are made then there are puppies available, Dusty Rose Doodles reserves the right to apply your deposit to the next litter or will return

the deposit at your discretion.


  • The birth of our litters will be announced on our Facebook page.

  • At 4 weeks old, pictures will be posted of all puppies

  • At 5 weeks old, you will receive pictures of your preferred sex based on your application. You will choose your puppy by selecting the color of the collar on the puppy of your choice. Your priority rating is what determines your position to select a puppy (see above).

  • At 7 weeks old, pictures will be sent to you again of your puppy along with a schedule for the pick-up of your puppy.

  • At 8 weeks old, your puppy will be ready to leave our ranch and join your family.

Dusty Rose Doodles has a policy that for the safety and well-being of our Doodles there will be NO visitations until pickup date and time. Up to three weeks of age we do very little with the mother and puppies. We believe this time is so important for the well-being and nurturing of the puppies. This is their bonding time. The mother loves and teaches her babies how to be content puppies.


At three weeks old, the puppies will have their identification collar put on them. The greatest interaction with the puppies and people is done from 3 weeks on up to 8 weeks of age. During this time they are well adjusted, had many life experiences, are content and happy with their role in life, and are ready for their new homes.



At Dusty Rose Doodles we believe in the healthy growth and temperament of our puppies. It is, for this reason, that we do not practice early sterilization of 8-week old puppies. In order to ensure all Dusty Rose Doodle puppies are spayed/neutered at an appropriate time, purchasers agree to abide by our Non-Breeding policy. Part of our commitment to being responsible breeders is ensuring new owners of a Dusty Rose Doodles do not breed their puppy. All Dusty Rose Doodles are required to be spayed/neutered by 12 months of age.


Dusty Rose Doodles Requires: 


A veterinarian’s bill or proof, to be texted, or emailed back to DRD at the time of the procedure

Non-compliance, with this agreement, will cause a breeding contract to come into effect and an extra charge of $3800.00 may be billed if proof of spay/neuter is not received by 12 months of age.




FB Labradoodle (Standard, Medium Size)

$1600.00 with a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy and position for your choosing. The remaining balance must be paid on or before the time of pick-up.


FB1 Goldendoodle (Standard Size)

$1900.00 with a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy and your position for choosing. The remaining balance must be paid on or before the time of pick-up.

All puppies will be bathed and have their nails clipped. They will also be wearing their collar. It expands and is strong, which will allow it to last a month. 


We hate to see our puppies leave the farm but we are excited for them to start a new adventure with their fur-ever families! When puppies are ready to leave Dusty Rose Doodles, we will make arrangements with you for pick-up. Please note that we operate Monday-Saturday and are close Sundays to enjoy time with our family and to respect the sabbath day.

Please bring a leash, in case you need to let the puppies out for exercise and to stop for beaks if they travel more than 3 hrs to their new home and we recommend a travel kennel.

Dusty Rose Doodles is pleased to offer shipping to destinations in Canada and the USA. Please contact us for details.


If you have an allergy, because all puppies will be close to our Lab it is suggested that once the puppies get comfortable with their new environment they receive another bath. This can be done by the new owner with warm water in a tub or sink. They love their baths.  

Your Dusty Rose Doodles will come with:

  • A bill of sale at the time of pick up 

  • A health record of their vaccination and de-worming from our veterinarian.

  • Microchip

  • Two-year guarantee

  • ID collar



All Dusty Rose Doodle Families also receive gift bag that includes: 


  • A blanket, rubbed on the mother for her scent.

  • Chew toy

  • Chewstick 

  • Pee pad

  • Plastic container for feces

  • Sample of the dry food that they are being fed for weaning purposes.  



Dusty Rose Doodles is owned and operated by
Mark and Valerie Watson, on their ranch located in Rosemary, Alberta. Since 1985, Mark and Valerie have raised animals on their hobby farm, including llamas, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, exotic birds, and most recently, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.

A Message From Mark & Valerie
"Our puppies are whelped in our home and loved as we watch them grow and mature. We take pleasure in the comforts of our ranch; as young seniors, we adore the space it provides us and our four-legged companions. We find it irresistible to take long walks with Beau, Bailey, and Oakley enjoying the nature that surrounds us. As they enjoy their surroundings, they are well-conditioned to house noises, children, other animals, outdoor noises, water, yet enjoying being a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted puppies."


Becoming a pet owner is a life-long commitment. At Dusty Rose Doodles, we take the time necessary to ensure you are prepared to welcome a puppy into your home. Contact us to learn how to become a guardian home.

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