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Rosie, Medium size Goldendoodle

Coat Genetics: FF Furnished, CT light shedding, TT curly coat

Color Genetics: E (Extension) Locus,, (Intensity) Loci,B (Brown) Locus,K (Dominant Black) Locus,A (Agouti) Locus 

Stats: 43 lbs 24'' tall

Health:  Has health testing at Embark and is clear.

Rosie is an  F1B Golden doodle which comes from a long  line of stalwart Golden Retrievers and Poodles. She has such a warm temperament and  loves being best friends to her Guardian family in Gem Alberta. She loves going for walks or hanging out watching TV. Rosie is a small Golden doodle, extremely well proportioned at  43 lbs and has beautiful long legs standing 24 inches at the shoulder.   She has a gorgeous red coat with fine light shedding soft fiber .
Rosie  has been health tested for over 180 genetic condition and DNA coded. Hip and elbow testing is pending . She will be mated to a very debonair mate which will,  without doubt,  create supreme Mini Golden doodles.


MJ ( Penny) Toy Goldendoodle


Coat Genetics: pending

Color Genetics: pending

Stats: 5.5 lbs 7" tall

Health: pending

 New to our breeding program is MJ( Penny). She  is a Toy  Multi-generational Golden doodle  which lives with her Guardian Family in Taber.  She too was imported from the United States for her new genetics and pedigree. She  is a very intelligent, beautiful elegant lady. At 10 weeks she has already learned to go to the door to be let outside for a bathroom break.  MJ is loving, obedient and has inherited all the superior qualities of the Multi-generational, non shedding  Golden doodles.    Her mother, Goldie weighs 19 lb and  stands 18 inches at the shoulder, has been health tested and clear..  She is a Multi-generational Golden doodle with a curly coat. The dad Fritz, is  23lbs and is also a Multi-generational Golden doodle with crisp, white Parti patterns. His fur is ideal, mostly straight with a small amount of wave to it. Friz is registered, has been health tested and is clear. At 11 weeks old MJ  is 6.6 lbs. At 6  month  in Aug /23, MJ Penny is 14.5 lbs and 11.5 " in height.

We are looking forward to MJ's first litter which will produce the perfect teacup/ toy Multi-generational Goldendoodle companion.

Maple, Standard Labradoodle

Coat Genetics:E (Extension) Locus,I (Intensity) Loci,B (Brown) Locus,D (Dilute) Locus

Color Genetics: K (Dominant Black) Locus,A (Agouti) Locus,S (White Spotting) Locus, wavy coat , light shedding

Stats: 55 lbs, 24'' tall

Health: Tested by Emback found clear

Maple is an beautiful F1 Labradoodle who lives with her guardian home in Edmonton. Her mom is our family Lab whom we adore. Maple was such a tentative and loving mom to her first litter and we are excited to mate her with a stud form the USA for 2024 littler. She has gorgeous fiber with low shedding and the wonderful characteristics and temperament of the Labradoodle. Maple loves going for walks in the park or hanging out when her families working. She is a friend to everyone she meets and is very obedient.  

Daisy, medium size  Labradoodle

Coat Genetics: Pending

Color Genetics: Pending

Stats: 45 lbs 23" tal

Health: Pending


Daisy is an F2B Labradoodle daughter of  Maple. She was such a beautiful girl that we knew she had to be part of our breeding program. She lives with her Guardian family in Calgary. Daisy is a couch potato and loves playing with the family. He coats is cream in color and curly  like her dad Milo who lives with his family in Airdrie.  We are ex cited to mate her with just the right companion for a mini size litter for 2024.

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