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Acquiring a Dusty Rose Doodle

Application for DRD doodles is a strict Non-Breeding contract.
At DRD, we believe in our puppy's healthy growth and temperament. For this reason, we
do not practice early sterilization of 8 week old puppies. Therefore to be responsible
breeders, we require the honesty and integrity of the new owners. We require each owner to
be accountable for the spaying/neutering of their puppy by twelve (12) months of age.


Dusty Rose Doodles Requires: 

A veterinarian's bill or proof of procedure to be texted or emailed back to DRD before your puppy is a year old.  
Non-compliance with this agreement may cause a breeding contract to come into effect,
and an extra charge of $5000.00 may be billed if proof of procedure is not received within
twelve months. We will send out a reminder however, if you do not receive a reminder it is
the responsibility of the new owner to send by email or text the vet certificate to DRD.

A  non - refundable deposit is required to hold a Dusty Rose Doodle.
The date of deposit will determine your position on the waiting list of your preferred litter. 

Example: There are five females and four males born in a litter. The first male deposit on the
application will get to choose first from male puppies (and color if there is one). Then the
second deposit is marked female on the application; even though they have a second
deposit, they get the first choice of females. We do try to take fewer deposits than expected
puppies. If more deposits are made than puppies available, DRD reserves the right to put a
deposit on the next litter or return the deposit.  

Dusty Rose Doodles has a policy that for the safety and well-being of our Doodles, only
members of the family where the puppy will reside can come to pick-up. There will be NO
visitations until 5-6 weeks old and, if you are unable to visit to choose your puppy, you cannot go
wrong choosing by pictures. First deposit will choose first from their preferred gender and so forth. We will send pictures, video, or live chat. Previous owners have found this a very effective way of receiving their new companion if they are unable to come in person at the selection time at 5-6 weeks. Through your application and with our evaluation of each puppy as they grow,we will provide you with the best match for your family's 

All of our puppies have stellar temperament, personalities and conformation which come from correctly mated males and females that have quality genetics. As the puppies mature so does their personalities and wiliness to please and be trained. It is after they are re-homed that they reach their potential  and become all they can be, by the proper training, and discipline.

Every puppy is precious, and you will not be disappointed with the puppy you choose. In our eight years of service and experience, we have never had a disappointed owner who has purchased their puppy in this fashion with photos. As the puppies grow, their personalities as well as their willingness to be trained develops. Your puppy can reach its potential from training to be the perfect companion for
you. Working with them is essential!

All of our multigenerational doodle puppies come from exceptional parentage and have superior genetics. They are from parents who have been health tested and cleared, either by Paw Genetics or Embark. Before leaving DRD the puppies have been Vet checked, vaccinated, de-wormed and have been micro-chipped. All our puppies come with a month of free insurance and a two-year health guarantee. Each puppy will be groomed and have its nails clipped before going to its new home. They will come with a collar and a gift package.

Genetics and personality are essential, but more importantly is the environment in which a puppy is raised. How your puppy is trained and disciplined will determine how they reach their full potential as a faithful companion. 

Sunday is a day for church and family; please respect this. We will do no business then.


We will respond to all applications and contact information within a 48 hour period.

Thank you for giving Dusty Rose Doodle puppies a loving home.


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